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Comedy Hack Day 9 - Humanize Her

The 3/4ths of the family went down to Santa Monica a few weekends ago so that I could participate in Comedy Hack Day 9 and here’s the short version: My team went to the finals and we had some crazy projector issues but it was still a blast. I’m in LA at least once a month (much more as of late) and am the CTO of a Beverly Hills media company, but it was still surprised to me how different Comedy Hack Day in LA was over San Francisco.

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ScreenShop Demo at 500 Startups WMD 2015

The folks at Comedy Hack Day reached out and asked Dan, Toby and myself to get the band back together to do the ScreenShop demo for the 500 Startups conference: “Weapons of Mass Distribution”. Unfortunately Toby was in New York and couldn’t make it, but fortunately I got all his lines!

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