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Substack Needs to Decide If It’s Special or Not

Much has been written about Substack’s Nazi problem and it’s subsequent messaging that it’s OK with Nazis to the point that it will not remove any of them unless they are inciting specific violence. Our content guidelines do have narrowly defined proscriptions, including a clause that prohibits incitements to violence. We will continue to actively enforce those rules while offering tools that let readers curate their own experiences and opt in to their preferred communities.

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Context Powers Brand Safety at Studio71

Have you heard about the brand safety concerns on YouTube? Maybe you’ve heard it described as the “Adpocalypse”? Even if you haven’t caught wind of the madness over the last 12 months, surely you understand that anything mixed with “apocalypse” isn’t a good thing. As is common in “whatever-pocalypse” situations there was a fair bit of freak out, but Studio71 went to work!

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Oh Twitter, What Have You Done?

I’ve used and enjoyed Twitter for what seems like a very long time now. To be clear, I don’t “enjoy” Twitter like all the “social media experts” or Klout junkies, or anyone looking to help “maximize my personal brand awareness”, I just like it. It’s quick. It’s simple. Lots of available tools.

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