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Strange Loop - Exploring Conversational Interfaces with Amazon Alexa and Go

  • Mike
  • September 17, 2016

Nothing hums like the Strange Loop conference machine! I just spoke at the conference yesterday in St. Louis and already the video of my talk is up and has 150+ views on YouTube! Here is the YouTube video: Here are my slides: Thanks, Strange Loop! It was an honor to be included in this year’s roster of speakers at such a great conference.

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Life as a Gopher

It seems like discussions about Go (or Golang), Google’s new-ish, C-like, programming language, are everywhere these days. I’ve been using Go in my free time to work on little projects for the last few months and thought it was time to jot down a few thoughts on the language. Background I find in articles like this even a short amount of background helps color the views.

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