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Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Nintendo has another home run in “Super Mario Bros Wonder”. It’s definitely not the grand slam that Tears of the Kingdom was, but Wonder is a surprisingly fun game (I’m trying very hard not to say it’s wonderful) that breaks new ground while also giving old Mario fans a heavy dose of nostalgia.

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A Mention in Variety

I’m late on this on the blog, but after a few years of working in entertainment and two years of living in Los Angeles, I got my first name drop in Variety. A few weeks ago, we were talking internally about the entanglement of buyers and sellers and products and platforms, when someone wondered aloud about how many different ways there are to sell branded content in the market.

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Speaking at the Variety Big Data Summit

My career in technology has taken me to some interesting places over the last 10+ years: St. Louis (less interesting), Mountain View, Jerusalem, New York, San Francisco, and Beverly Hills, but this last trip to Beverly Hills was the first time I got to speak at a Hollywood event. I recently had the opportunity to be on a panel at the Variety Big Data Summit, and it was…well, I’m pretty sure I’m officially a fancy media executive now.

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