Thoughts on Apple Bloggers and Vision Pro Coverage

  • February 14, 2024

I posted this on Mastodon, but I figured I would cross-post it here as well.

I wonder if we’re headed for a weird place with the #Apple Blogosphere (AKA the Apple Blog Mafia). All of the main players are talking about Vision Pro all the time and saying things like “I lose track of time in here!” and I wonder if they might lose track of their audience next. Not very many people have AVPs, and how much content do you want to see on a device you don’t have or didn’t want? It’s also entirely possible that I’m wrong and most of their audience are A1 Apple faithful, the type that get worked up over stock prices that they don’t own, and will keep dying for more AVP content regardless. It will be interesting to see how it plays out.

The more I think about this, the more I think my initial assumption is wrong for the bulk of the Apple blogger/podcaster audience and they like hearing about things they don’t own (see Mac Pro, etc), but I do think we’re a few weeks out for some people to tire of the constant coverage. This is especially true because the coverage is largely pretty weak with posts like “Here’s all the timer apps I’ve found that work on AVP” or YouTube video like “Is AVP good for sleep tracking?!”

Until Apple talks about a significant update, probably at WWDC, this very interesting technology is going to get really stale in terms of content. To be clear, that’s OK, but I hope that Apple Podcast/Blog mafia realize this or it’s going to be a long, boring spring for their audience.

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