An Office Tour in Pieces

  • Mike
  • August 27, 2023

I’ve been experimenting as a TikTok (and YouTube Shorts) creator. Let me explain.

I recently shot a home office tour (thanks to my daughter Molly who was my camera operator) but when I started to edit it I just didn’t love it. I might still release it, but what I was inspired to do instead was to make a bunch of little videos showing off one specific thing in my office rather than a long video going over everything at a high level.

Part of this is an experiment in short-form video and learning more about making content on the current hot platforms, but I also do think it’s a more fun way to talk about my odd collection of miscellaneous items I have amassed. It feels a bit like a brain dump and that’s kind of fun.

So far I’ve done six videos, and I’ve been aiming for one upload a day on my TikTok profile (@specificmikeflynn). Even in just six videos, you can see a progression as I get more used to the TikTok editing tools and the conventions of the platform.

One thing I haven’t cracked yet is a view count of over 800, and that was just the first post. Most of my posts have been stuck at ~230 views, which I suspect is their initial amount of views any video gets until the algorithm decides it gets enough engagement to warrant additional traffic. The goal isn’t to pivot to being a TikTok influencer, but I’ll keep working on it for a little while longer especially if there is interest in my videos with even a small group.

If you want to check out my running experiment, and even better if you want to comment or subscribe, you can find me on TikTok as @specificmikeflynn.

Here’s a sample of my initial uploads:

@specificmikeflynn Show and Tell, Day 3! If you havent heard of iPod socks, now you know! #apple #ipod #ipodsocks ♬ Aesthetic - Tollan Kim
@specificmikeflynn Have you ever played Shaq Fu? I assume the answer is yes, because its awesome. It’s like if you took Street Fighter and added Shaq but also removed a lot of the fun to make room for Shaq. #showandtell #arcade #arcadecabinets #maker #retrogaming ♬ SHAQ FU - CAUSION GOT THEM BEATS
@specificmikeflynn Pwnagotchis are fun and realtively easy way to get started in #wifi and #wardriving. It is also today’s #showandtell. #hacking #tools ♬ Chillout Lofi Hip Hop F(884707) - musicabeats

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