Egg.js Hits 1,500 GitHub Stars

I love putting easter eggs in the applications I write, and years ago I wrote the Egg.js javascript library to make that easier. My little silly library is used around the globe and it has 1,500 stars on GitHub!

Anyway, here’s a video I made about it.

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The Story of My Slightly Funny Coolio Joke

  • Mike
  • September 29, 2022

Coolio, the rapper who absolutely slayed the 90s, sadly died today at the age of 59. Coolio, the West Coast rapper whose gritty music and anthemic hits like “Gangsta’s Paradise” helped define hip-hop in the 1990s, died on Wednesday in Los Angeles. He was 59. His longtime manager, Jarez Posey, confirmed his death.

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An Office Tour in Pieces

  • Mike
  • August 27, 2023

I’ve been experimenting as a TikTok (and YouTube Shorts) creator. Let me explain. I recently shot a home office tour (thanks to my daughter Molly who was my camera operator) but when I started to edit it I just didn’t love it. I might still release it, but what I was inspired to do instead was to make a bunch of little videos showing off one specific thing in my office rather than a long video going over everything at a high level.

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I Made an Arcade Cabinet

As a kid in the 80s and 90s there were a few things that you could see in a friend’s house that would immediately impress you. Examples would be, a second fridge, usually in the garage, one of those big projection TVs, or, and this is the big one, a full stand-up arcade cabinet.

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