What’s New in Shortcuts - Issue 55

  • January 1, 2023
Automation Project

Thank you to Matthew Cassinelli for giving my Post to Mastodon shortcut a nod in the New Year’s Eve edition of his “What’s New in Shortcuts” newsletter.

If you’re interested in Shortcuts or macOS/iPadOS/iOS automation, this is a newsletter worth checking out.

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Post to Mastodon v2.2 - Bug Fixes and Setup Questions

Another update regarding my Post to Mastodon Apple Shortcut automation, which is now at version 2.2! Specifically, I’ve learned two things about Apple Shortcuts today: Their logic for input type sucks and is very buggy. You can set setup questions so people don’t have to edit the shortcut after they download it!

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Post to Mastodon v2 Shortcut - Image Support

Yesterday I released an Apple Shortcut (macOS, iOS, and iPadOS) that will allow you to quickly post to your Mastodon instance. As you might imagine, it received a little traction on Mastodon including the following feedback: A feature request already? Over the holidays?! I don’t have time to figure out…it’s done!

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Posting to Mastodon via Shortcuts

The best thing to come out of Elon Musk’s Twitter purchase (and then backing out of the purchase, and then purchase, and then massive layoffs, and allowing crazies back on Twitter, and whatever happened today) is that Mastodon has been so much fun! One extremely minor annoyance has been the lack of good Mastodon clients, and while TapBots is hard at work on that right now, it makes posting on Mastodon a little bit harder than it was on Twitter.

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